Random Acts of Love (Part of the “Love Your Husband” Challenge)

Did you accept my challenge to show your husband you love him once every day until Valentine’s Day? Awesome!

The best use of life is love.
The best expression of love is time.
The best time to love is now.

-Rick Warren

Here are some ideas for random acts of love you can do for your husband over these last two weeks until Valentine’s Day (including some of your ideas that you were kind enough to share with me!).

Random Acts of Love - emilybogner.com

Random Acts of Love:

• Cook his favorite meal
• Make his favorite treat
• Give him your FULL attention and listen
• Pick up his favorite snack (and leave it somewhere for him to find)
• Take the time to speak his love language
• Give him a hug and kiss before he goes to work
• Give him a hug and kiss the second he comes home from work
• Write him a quick love note
• Write him a thank-you note
• Express your gratitude throughout the day for all that he does
• Plan a date night out or a date night in

 . . . and ideas from you:

@happilymidwest – Laura got her husband’s truck washed and detailed, and then left a note for him on the dashboard to find in the morning!

Stacie – when her husband was working from home, Stacie brought him a glass of water. She also wrote him notes, and made him cookies!

Jana – Jana and her husband each have responsibilities around the house and one of her husband’s is taking out the trash. Because her husband had a long day at work, she enlisted the help of her daughter to gather all the trash together and take it outside (in cold, snowy weather) one night so he wouldn’t have to.

@mykidslavishlife – Colleen says she and her husband try to make date night every night by picking up the house, eating snacks, and hanging out in bed.

I have loved hearing about the random acts of love you have been doing for your husbands, keep sharing them! You can message me, email me, tag me in your post, whatever.

We’ve got two more weeks to go until Valentine’s Day and honestly, I haven’t been perfect at this! There have been crazy busy days that I forget until late and so my gesture was just thanking him that day for all he does for our family and giving him a kiss! The point is that you are thinking of him and making an effort to help him feel loved. Big gestures are great, and simple things are wonderful too!

Xx, Emily

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  1. I’ve got to remember to message you about this! You wouldn’t think it would be that hard, lol. I love these ideas you’ve compiled! I just read that book “The Five Love Languages” and a lot of these things really fall right in line with what he talks about in that book.

  2. Thanks for the ideas!
    I think being thankful for what he does and expressing that is super important!

  3. I love the snack idea. My husband is currently so busy at work, so it would be nice for him to find a treat knowing we are thinking of him!

  4. I love this! I try really hard to speak his love language to show my appreciation for the little things that go by unnoticed!

  5. I love this list!! We don’t really “do” Valentine’s Day, so this is something that is totally doable 🙂

  6. What a great challenge. With the daily chaos of life with children, its so easy to overlook our spouses from time to time. Love all of these ideas!

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