Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Toddlers

As a mom I’m always on the go and when I feel like there’s no way I could get any busier, I do! It seems like my to-do list just keeps growing and growing, which is why I’m happy to have my JJ Cole Caprice bag—a diaper bag that can handle my busy schedule.

Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Kids -

I love that this diaper bag has plenty of storage space as well as pockets and compartments to carry everything I need, and it’s stylish too, which is a win! Plus, it’s versatile—this tote bag can be carried by its’ handles or by its’ shoulder strap. One of my favorite things about it is that it has stroller straps that make it possible for us to easily attach it to the stroller (I have been wanting a diaper bag with this capability!).

Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Kids -

Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Kids -

And in case you need another reason to check out this JJ Cole diaper bag, here’s one: it’s a neutral color, so my husband doesn’t mind carrying it one bit!

Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Kids -

When it comes to packing a diaper bag, we have a system down. With our first son, we overpacked every time we left the house because we just knew we needed at least two or three extra outfits, five diapers, wipes, a nursing cover, and a handful of burp cloths for three hours of church or two hours out and I’m not exaggerating at all. If you’ve read my post on creating a sleep routine, you know my oldest had reflux, which meant constant spitting up so we literally had to have all of the above. Packing the bag for two toddlers looks quite a bit different.

Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Toddlers:

1) Diapers – we pack a couple diapers in each child’s size.

2) Baby Wipes

3) Cups – our kids can use regular cups at home (yay!) but when we’re out and about, these are easier for us to use for water.

4) Snacks (not pictured)

5) Extra Outfits – we try to pack one extra outfit for each child. Depending on weather, we might bring two sweaters or jackets. Right now it’s warm outside so the boys can wear a shirt and shorts or a romper.

6) Blankets – we often pack a blanket for each child just in case they want one in the car.

7) Books (not pictured) – we often take board books with us wherever we go. That way, we have something to entertain the kids with if necessary.

8) Bandages & Antibacterial Ointment – I always like to be prepared with bandages and antibacterial ointment just in case. Thankfully, we haven’t needed to use the stash in the diaper bag yet!

Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Kids -

Packing a Diaper Bag with 2 Kids -

Be sure to check out Babies R Us for all JJ Cole products!

Xx, Emily

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  1. holy wow! its like mary poppin’s bag! you fit so much, yet its still so cute and not bulky. GIRL. my oldest had really bad reflux too – I had to carry a few extra outfits for myself because of how much he spit or threw up. terrible. i’m expecting baby #3 and have been on the lookout for a cute diaper bag to carry things around for all three children. I might have to order a caprice, if not I think a duffle bag is my only other option — and that doesn’t go with many of my outfits 😉

    1. Thanks for your comment, Justine! I totally understand about changing out fits multiple times a day, I went through the same thing. This diaper bag is roomy and has lots of different pockets, which I love so I’d definitely recommend it. And congratulations!

      Xx, Emily

  2. Love the gray color too! Such a great bag to hold everything!

    1. I totally agree–the gray color is actually what caught my attention about this bag, love it!

  3. Yes to this whole list! My bag has all the same things. And, I love this bag!

    1. It seems like so much stuff when you lay it all out. I also carry around sunscreen too, it’s amazing how much we need and I’m glad this bag fits it all!

  4. JJ Cole is the best! We have 2 and love them both!

  5. That is a great looking diaper bag! And I like the point about your husband being able to carry it without feeling like it’s girly, haha.

  6. That bag looks like perfection for a Momma who needs to take a whole lot of stuff with her on the go!

  7. Such a cute diaper bag!! I love seeing how other people pack their bags!!

  8. That really is a great looking bag Emily, and it looks like it holds a lot of stuff, which is definitely a must!

  9. Such a great comprehensive list and awesome bag! Love that it is neutral too!

  10. Cute diaper bag!! I love your packing list. Sippy cups are a must. I wish my son could get use to that cup sort of one. He’s mastered the cup in the tub, but that’s about it. Hehe!!

  11. I just love my JJ Cole diaper bag, its so roomy!!

  12. Love the reminder to pack extra clothes! We seem to go through a lot of those! The bag is darling! Looks like it’s laid out really well.

  13. That bag is so fashionable! I love all your tips!

  14. Love your bag and how you packed it!!!

  15. Love these diaper bags!

  16. Wow, what a handy bag!

  17. I love how trendy this bag is. If we have another, I’m definitely opting for a bag like this in lieu of the regular baby bag.

  18. Couldn’t imagine two toddlers hahaha but I kind of want another!

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