FITzee Foods Review

*Today’s post is sponsored by FITzee Foods. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not a doctor, dietitian, etc. I am a mom sharing my experience with FITzee Foods.

FITzee Foods Review -

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes

FITzee Foods Review -

Red Chicken Enchiladas

FITzee Foods Review -

Paleo Spaghetti


FITzee Foods Review

When I first heard about FITzee Foods, I thought: healthy meals delivered to my doorstep? No cooking? Yes, please!

As you know, I’m a mom. I spend almost every waking minute of my life taking care of two precious little ones, and I often realize after I’ve prepared breakfast, countless snacks, and lunch for my kids, that I haven’t eaten anything that day. Oops!

Then I’m in a rush to eat something fast and easy (and usually not healthy) as my kids run in circles around me. For this reason, the whole healthy meals delivered to me thing sounded great!

So I checked out the FITzee Foods website to see what meal selections they had to offer. I found some tasty-looking pictures and tasty-sounding meal descriptions.

Next step, order the food! Turkey Bacon Scramble, Paleo Hash N Eggs with Chicken, Paleo Carne Asada Bowl, Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes, Corn Risotto with Chicken, Paleo Spaghetti, Red Chicken Enchiladas, Paleo Steak Pizzaiola, and some bars (including meal replacement bars) to snack on. Then, I waited until the delivery arrived! I unpacked the meals and began to try them.

My favorite meals:

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pancakes (pictured above) – on the FITzee Foods packaging there are instructions explaining the different ways to heat up your food. For the pancakes, I chose to heat them up in a pan and I was happy with how they turned out! These pancakes are very thick, especially delicious dipped in the peanut butter and jelly. Another thing I really liked about the pancakes is that they were filling. So filling, in fact, that I was personally full after eating two of the pancakes! Obviously you may have a different experience, but for me the portion was more than enough.

Red Chicken Enchiladas (pictured above and below) – I cooked this meal in the microwave and my husband made a comment about how good they smelled! They did smell really yummy and I thought they tasted delicious too. They were flavorful and not at all bland.

Turkey Bacon Scramble (not pictured) – Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of this meal, but you can see a picture of it on the FITzee Foods website here. This was another flavorful meal with turkey bacon, red bell pepper, spinach, and cheese.

My favorite thing about trying FITzee foods was that I had meals available to me whenever I was hungry. I could quickly and easily heat the meals up if necessary, and on top of everything, the meals were healthy so I’d say it was overall a good experience!

Have you heard of FITzee foods before? What would you order if you tried it?

Xx, Emily


FITzee Foods Review -

Red Chicken Enchiladas

FITzee Foods Review -

Paleo Spaghetti

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  1. How awesome is this!? So my kids have allergies pretty bad to preservatives do they have options for that? How cool !

  2. Ashley Peavey says: Reply

    This looks so good!

  3. Girl! This food looks incredible!!

  4. I’ve never heard of them but it sounds amazing! I’m always scrambling to feed myself during the day.

  5. I’ll take two of each. 😉

  6. This sounds like an amazing service! I’m all for easy healthy meals!

  7. Ashley Peavey says: Reply

    How neat, this sounds so good!

  8. Oh wow that sounds perfect for busy mommas! Those enchiladas look delicious, I’d be down to try those!!!!

  9. Love that! Sounds so good and easy!

  10. I am all about food delivery service. Especially in the dead of winter when I definitely don’t want to go to the grocery store with two tiny humans.

  11. This sounds right up my alley!

  12. These all look amazing. Especially those enchiladas! Yes please!

  13. Everything looks delicious!

  14. WOW! These look GREAT! I’d love something like this for my husbands lunches for work.

  15. that looks sooo delicious!

  16. The paleo spaghetti looks selfish. This would probably be a great meal for people following Whole 30 too.

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