A Gift He Will Treasure

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A Gift to Treasure - emilybogner.com

watch details: Reece (walnut & navy)

As I’m sure you’ve already noticed, I LOVE personalized presents! I’m a firm believer that when a gift is personalized, it gains importance and makes the recipient feel that much more special. Bonus points if the present is something the recipient needs or can use for years to come.

When I receive a gift that has been made just for me and is well thought out, it is something I don’t easily forget.

Because of this love for personalized gifts, I was so excited to partner with JORD to create an engraved gift for my husband. It can be difficult to shop for my husband sometimes because he has strong opinions (just like I do) and knows what he likes but anytime I’ve gotten him something he can wear in both professional and casual settings, he has loved it and used it. Since I love my JORD watch and he has complimented it, I knew he’d love to have a watch of his own in a box with a special message just for him.

A Gift to Treasure - emilybogner.com

I chose the Reece watch in walnut and navy for my husband because he likes each of his watches to be unique, and since all of his watches are circular, I knew he’d like that the watch’s face is a rectangular shape. It also has a design on the face–he likes those kinds of details!

A Gift to Treasure - emilybogner.com

Max and I are both affectionate and sentimental and I kind of love that about us. I wanted to give him a gift for Christmas that he’d treasure, so I began thinking of our relationship and some of the memories that have made us who we are as a couple.

I kept remembering this thing that one of our old friends used to say, that we sort of adopted as one of our many relationship mottos, and it was “one team, one dream”.

A Gift to Treasure - emilybogner.com

When we are trying to make decisions together as a family we consider our team (us and our family) and our dream (the goals we want to achieve as a family). We are very purpose-driven in our home, and our most important goals are to put God first and to strengthen our family. When we have to make a decision, we will consider whether it will help our family reach our goals. We keep in mind that it’s the most important thing, that we’re one team with one dream. I love that this relationship and family motto is now on Max’s watch box so that we can see it every day on the dresser and be reminded of what matters most.

I think it’s so awesome that JORD now offers watch engraving and wood engraving on the side of the cedar wood presentation box that the watch arrives in (see example in photo above!).

JORD can engrave the back plate (at a cost of $35) of the following watches: Fieldcrest, Reece, Frankie35 , Frankie, and Conway, and you can choose either block or script engraving. Also, JORD can engrave the side of the presentation box at a cost of $45, and you can choose either block or script engraving. For character limitations, please visit the JORD website here. Additionally, engraving will extend delivery time by up to 7 business days so plan accordingly as customization is not a last minute thing.

Do you want a $25 gift code for JORD? Click here and enter your email address and you will be emailed a $25 gift code!

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