5 Indoor Activity Ideas for Rainy Days

*Today’s post is sponsored by Trademark Innovations and Smiling Tree Toys. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own.

Do your kids whine when they’re stuck inside all day? Right, neither do mine. But just in case you have a rainy day (we’ve been having a lot of those here in Northern California recently!) or a snow day, and are stuck inside, here are some indoor activities we do to help the day pass more smoothly and happily . . .

1) Hang out in a Teepee – We were so excited to receive this canvas Teepee from Trademark Innovations, and my hubby, who grew up loving cowboys, was even more excited when we found out it was in a cowboy print. The Teepee makes any activity that much more fun for them (especially activities #3 and #5).

5 Indoor Activity Ideas for Rainy Days - emilybogner.com

2) Build a fort – I loved building forts as a kid. We’d get all the couch cushions, pillows, blankets, and sheets we could find and put together huge tented forts that we’d play all kinds of games inside or lay under on a movie night. My kids are still a little too young for this activity, but I can’t wait to build forts with them when they’re older.

3) Read – Days that are filled with rain and snow are perfect for reading! Are your kids sick of all the books you have? Start a rainy (or snow) day collection of books—books that you only take out on a rainy (or snow) day! That way, it will be a treat when you bring out those special books.

4) Make Believe – When we are stuck inside all day, we play lots of make believe! We pretend to be dinosaurs, lions, or dogs—I love that we get to use our imaginations together!


5 Indoor Activity Ideas for Rainy Days - emilybogner.com

5 Indoor Activity Ideas for Rainy Days - emilybogner.com

5) Puzzles – Our little guys like these wooden name puzzles from Smiling Tree Toys, they put all the letters in, then dump them out and do it all over again!

What are your favorite indoor activities for rainy days or snow days? Share them in the comments!

Xx, Emily

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  1. These are great ideas! Fort building is always fun, and we like to bake on rainy days too, it helps great up the house. 😉

  2. I love that you bake on rainy days, what a great idea!

  3. These are the best ideas. I also love doing some sort of craft or art project on rainy days – watch a show or listen to something while drawing, painting, or making friendship bracelets 😊

  4. How fun! I love that teepee, it’s so cute!!

  5. That teepee is too cute! I wish my kids had a space for one in their room. I’m pretty sure they’d just hang out in there all day long.

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