3 Reasons to Try Rocksbox

*Today’s post is sponsored by Rocksbox. I’m a Rocksbox affiliate. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

3 Reasons To Try Rocksbox - EmilyBogner.com

3 Reasons To Try Rocksbox - EmilyBogner.com

3 Reasons To Try Rocksbox - EmilyBogner.com

3 Reasons To Try Rocksbox - EmilyBogner.com


3 Reasons to Give Rocksbox a Try

1. Your First Month is Free with sign-up code emilybognerblogxoxo
When you use the sign up code above you get a free month to enjoy Rocksbox. The process for me to create a profile and make a wish list was quicker than I expected — I value my time (as I’m sure you do too!) so I liked the fact that I was able to narrow down what jewelry I wanted (gold, silver, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc.) and go through the list to quickly add pieces to my wishlist. It took me maybe 10 minutes max, easy to do after completing our bedtime routine!

2. You can swap your box for a new one as often as you want. When I shop for jewelry I tend to have a little something I call “the accessory struggle”. I stand in front of a mirror trying piece after piece and even when I’ve narrowed it down I go back and forth, struggling with myself — will I get much wear out of this? Does it go with the clothes already in my wardrobe? If I only wear it once is it worth the price? It’s like a brain tug-o-war.

With Rocksbox, you get three pieces in your jewelry box but you get to swap your box out for a new box as often as you want! The beauty of it is I don’t have to worry how many times I’ll wear it, I can wear it once and try something new and I absolutely love that! I also like the fact that I got one wish list item in my first box and two other items picked for me. It helped me try jewelry I wouldn’t ordinarily choose for myself.

3. If you love an accessory, you can buy it.
If you open up your box and absolutely adore the layered necklace or that fabulous cuff (or whatever accessories you get in your amazing Rocksbox), you have the option to buy it!

If you’re ready to see what Rocksbox is all about, click here. To get your first month free remember to use code emilybognerblogxoxo

Have a fabulous weekend, beautymoms!

Xx, Emily


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